'As noted by the Minister for Rural Affairs and North Wales, and Trefnydd, there will be a Welsh Government scheme to provide financial support for organic farming in 2024. While details of the scheme, including payment rates, are yet to be finalised, applications to the scheme will be made through the Standard Application Form (SAF). This means that organic farmers do not need to take action to apply for the scheme at this stage, with the deadline for completing the SAF due to be in May 2024. Payments would then be made by the end of 2024, similar to the timeframe of the previous Glastir Organic scheme.

We are expecting to finalise the details of the scheme in early January, at which point we will make a formal announcement of the scheme. In the meantime, we are consulting organic control bodies and representatives of the Welsh Organic Forum and will engage with further stakeholders in the new year. Existing organic farmers who have an interest in applying for support in 2024 should maintain their current organic management practices from 1 January 2024.'

Defra have confirmed that for grass and forage seed mixes to be sown during 2024, the minimum percentage inclusion rate for organic or in-conversion seed will remain at a 70%.  Approved 70% mixes can be sown without prior derogation, but derogation approval must be gained prior to the annual inspection taking place. 

 Organic seeds 2022

 It is not permissible for seed mixes to contain the same variety as organic and non-organic.